Showing up on ToqToq Resto means taking advantage of a network dedicated to catering entrepreneurship. These are people, investors, catering professionals wishing to sell or acquire a restaurant. ToqToq Resto is continuously working to develop its services, both in its range and in its scope, in order to allow you to have access to a greater number of restaurants and buyers. ToqToq Resto is also a consultation service to help you in the sale or purchase of your restaurant.

It's a good question. There are three points that you must respect. The first, you must put as much information about your establishment as possible. It is important that your future buyer can have a precise idea of ​​his purchase. It is a relationship of trust. The second point concerns the period of sale of your restaurant. An ill-defined period will cause your restaurant to remain on display longer. The consequence, if you cannot find a buyer when you want, you will lower your price. The third point concerns your accounting documents. How many sales lost due to poor bookkeeping. It is unthinkable to buy an establishment without a minimum presentation of the balance sheet and operating costs.

And if so, how? Obviously, it is difficult to transform a toad into a sleeping beauty. Again, make sure you have as much information about your business as possible. We talk about it in the following text. But you should also have information about the external environment of your business. For example, traffic at the location, the economic boom in the neighborhood, large businesses nearby, the number of competitors within a certain radius, and more. All of this information and more will help you promote your business.

To ensure that you sell your restaurant within a fairly acceptable period, you must have the following five information on hand. The first concerns the inventory of your equipment to establish its real value. The second information concerns the human resources within your establishment. What are the skill levels? How many employees? How long have the employees been in place? The third point focuses on the numbers, and more specifically, on your balance sheet, that is, a balance sheet over the last two years. The fourth information concerns the number of years of existence of your establishment. A guarantee that your company has a solid base and a regular clientele. The last point is to focus on the profits you generate.

The asking price will depend on the past management of your restaurant. In other words, if you have managed your restaurant well, it will be much easier to set a fair price. We covered a number of points in the previous questions to estimate the true value of your restaurant. The location, the traffic, the value of the equipment, the quality of the human resources, the profits generated, the turnover and other points will make the difference. It is important to make the most precise analysis possible to help you in the justification of the price of your restaurant. Our consultant can help you in this process.

In order to assess the best time to sell your restaurant, it is important to analyze your seasonal variability. For example, if you are located in a winter resort and this is your biggest turnover during this period, it is obvious that the sale will have to be made some time before the start of the season. So your buyer can take advantage of it to bail out. Each situation will require an analysis specific to your situation. If you are located in a tourist, business, industrial or regional area, it is obvious that the period, the place, the situation will have a different impact on the sale of your restaurant.

The franchisor wishes to develop his franchise by having the possibility of reaching a large number of potential and serious candidates. The aim is also to promote the brand. ToqToq Resto offers franchisors the opportunity to display themselves on its platform, to explain their concepts. You will have at your disposal a directory of information allowing you to maximize the information on your concept. You will have a showcase and increased visibility through our different networks.

The interest is twofold for the lessor. He can have direct access to a pool of candidates wishing to rent a room. He has the possibility of maximizing his information thanks to the opening of his account which allows him to enhance his premises. ToqToq Resto offers the lessor an easily accessible platform to disseminate its offer.

The buyer looking to acquire or invest in a restaurant may have access to a multiple offer in terms of restaurant concept. Once registered, he can contact the restaurant he wishes to acquire. Registration is free. Those wishing to sell their restaurants will also be able to contact the buyer. This one will be spoiled for choice.

It's very simple. Click on ‘Advertise yourself’, choose the option that corresponds to what you want to advertise, choose your package and fill out your form! By choosing the Plat Principal package, you have the option of having a star advertisement, which highlights your card. The description of your restaurant can contain up to 50 different pieces of information. Remember, you must interest your future buyer! The more information you post, the more likely you are to sell your restaurant. We will then broadcast your advertisement on our various networks.

The franchisor must click on ‘Advertise yourself’, choose ‘I want to advertise my franchise’, choose his package and complete the form. The franchisor may also announce its concept in star advertisement in order to attract the attention of visitors. You will have to fill in the descriptive form concerning your concept. This contains certain mandatory information in order to better inform your future candidate. We will then broadcast your advertisement on our various networks.

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