• Professional title : Restaurant owner
    • Region : Capitale-Nationale
    • Budget : 250000$ +
    • 159 visits
    • Professional title : Chef
    • Region : Laurentide
    • Budget : 50000$ +
    • 414 visits
    • Professional title : Investor
    • Region : Lanaudière
    • Budget : 50000$ +
    • 366 visits
    • Professional title : Futur franchisee
    • Region : Montréal (Ville-Marie)
    • Budget : 550000$ +
    • 408 visits
    • Professional title : Chef
    • Region : Montréal (Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie)
    • Budget : 50000$ +
    • 198 visits
    • Professional title : Investor
    • Region : Chaudières-Appalaches
    • Budget : 50000$ +
    • 207 visits
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If you are at the stage of buying or investing in a restaurant, you will need several pieces of information to confirm that your investment will be profitable in the shortest possible time.

First, you need to target what type of restaurant you are interested in, whether it is a traditional restaurant, fast food, bistro style, food counter, breakfast style, or café. Once defined, you will be able to focus your search towards the type of restaurant you have chosen. Each type of restaurant is not managed in the same way. Some have higher operating costs than others.

You have the possibility to register on the ToqToq Resto platform by specifying the information on the type of restaurant you wish to buy such as its location in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada. Registering on the ToqToq Resto platform is free. It gives you the opportunity to receive more offers and have access to new restaurants for sale on the market. You can contact our partner, CDER Montréal, to help you evaluate your investment and the return on your future restaurant. CDER Montréal can also help you in your efforts. There are several elements to consider when buying a restaurant, in addition to the purchase itself. You will have to negotiate your future lease, either a new lease or a lease renewal. The terms of the lease could have an impact on the profitability of your future investment. By registering on the ToqToq Resto platform, you will have the opportunity to benefit from a professional partner with extensive experience in the restaurant sector, particularly in the Quebec and Canadian markets. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

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